Assisted Living Facilities for You or Your Loved Ones

Recently My wife and I were faced with the heartbreaking decision as to whether a grand parent should go to assisted living.  She had been self sufficient for most of her life and had only recently begun to need more help at home. At first it was just the bigger things, getting groceries carried in, moving things around and things of that nature.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that we noticed her losing some weight.  As it turns out she doesn’t always remember to eat.  As we began to pay more attention we realized she was forgetting more and more.  This is a very hard thing for us to see as a loved one starts to go downhill and we realized she needed more care.  More care than we felt comfortable giving her at her own home where we could not be with her 24 hours a day and unfortunately there just isn’t room in our home.

We made the decision to start looking into assisted living facilities and came to the conclusion that it was probably the best choice.  As hard as it was for us and for her, after talking with Jason about the possibilities and solutions that are available we feel more comfortable with the decision, and thankfully so does she.

Jason is the owner of Comfort First assisted living and he was able to ease our mind regarding assisted living and the huge transition Grandma would have to go through.  Many assisted living facilities have teams specially trained to work with older people with memory care needs and this helped us feel better.  They are very caring and take what they are doing, providing care to people, very seriously.

While this is a very difficult process for most families to get through, you will get through it, and assisted living facilities may just be the answer for you.  Don’t be afraid to check out more than one place and if you don’t get a good feeling, move on to the next one.  If you would like to get in touch with someone you can find out more on the Jason Geschwind slideshow page or check him out on his Jason Geschwind Twitter Account.

I will try to get back to posting more often but as you can tell we have been very busy lately.

Landscaping To Get Your Yard Back

Landscaping is the primary way I know (other than cutting down trees which is expensive and extraordinarily hard work) to get your yard back from the wilds.

Our family has a relatively large back yard but each year some of it seems to get away from us.  This year we are thinking of putting in a retaining wall and patio that our family can go to for relaxation, family time and barbecue.  This is really nice in Minnesota.

Landscaping and hardscaping is one of those things that looks simple- but to do it well takes experience so I leave it up to the Rosemount landscaping professionals at Devine Design Hardscapes.  You can also see something about them where they made the press.  Rosemount Landscaping is moving up the ladder when you see them showing up in the press.

Do you have a hip implant?

As we age and experience the traumas of life often times people break bones and occasionally this leads to implants that are surgically implanted into the body.  We expect that our medical professionals are implanting medical devices that are going to last and do what they are supposed to.

Apparently that is not always the case.  Some hip implants have been recalled due to issues with them.

If you have a hip implant you might consider a call to a hip recall lawyer to find out if your hip implant is part of the recalled lot.